Mission and Values

The one thing that drives us the most is true connection!  In a world of overwhelming social media, we found that studies proven to be correct in exposing our actual disconnect with people.  We truly want to inspire creating a space where people can feel once more.  Really and Truly connect, in person, and not just in an artificial ‘Like’ way.

Deep connection is what we are striving for!  It is our Mission to help people create spaces to connect, not only with our friends and family, but also with our inner self.

- To have the biggest, most comfortable, stylish and affordable range of hammock chairs in South Africa.

- To create a raving fan culture where we strive to provide ongoing value and service, through ground breaking new concepts in the industry and a client centred approach which provides our customer with the freedom of choice to create connected, socially conscious living spaces, both indoor and outdoor that represent the best the world has to offer.

We value connection and the energy a space creates.

We value growth and progress and respect that there are those who want to flaunt it and celebrate it – hence our slogan “Better than your neighbours”

We believe that if the glass is full of water, the only way we can fill it up more, is to pour some out – we dedicate a percentage of our profits to social responsibility.

We value your support and knowing Somehow, you felt our energy, connected to our values and chose Bali Wicker to be your ‘Social’ Partner.